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  1. smodtactical

    Denafrips releases Venus II Dac

    The Venus II DAC is upgraded with: 1. TCXO - Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator. This is the prime performance improvement that brings the Venus sonic performance very close to the Terminator DAC 2. MU Metal Shielding between the PSU and Main DAC board, like one found in the Terminator...
  2. smodtactical

    YG announces partnership with Cambridge acoustic sciences

    "Ultra-high-end speaker manufacturer, YG Acoustics ( announces an exclusive partnership with Cambridge Acoustic Sciences to develop innovative loudspeaker technologies, both to launch a range of new models and to continue the evolution of the existing YG Acoustic products...
  3. smodtactical

    Rel vs the world

    So whenever you look for subwoofer recommendations for 2 channel hifi, one name keeps dominating the conversation.. rel. And the flagship no 25 is seen as the ultimate subwoofer by many. My question is, has anyone compared well made but more affordable subwoofers (JTR, PSA, Rhythmik) to rel...
  4. smodtactical

    Interview with Michael Borresen

  5. smodtactical

    Review of the Pass Labs X350.8 stereo amplifier

    Introduction I have been thoroughly enjoying my Yamaha NS5000 speakers since I purchased them in early 2020. They have truly amazing imaging and a natural tonality that lets you settle into the music and really be convinced of the performances you hear. I have powered them with older Bryston...
  6. smodtactical

    Topping D90 MQA review by Oak Forest Audio

    SV member Mshenay at Oak forest audio has reviewed the Topping D90 MQA, please have a look:
  7. smodtactical

    XA150 monoblocks

    Audio gd has announced a new flagship, 150 watt mono block amplifier with 100 watts pure class A operation ! Please have a look. These look to be an incredible value. "Real Balanced Diamond Differential Design Pure Class A Mono Power Amp A Lot K170/J74 Has Been Apply Uses 4 Transformers (In...
  8. smodtactical

    Denafrips announces new flagship DAC Terminator Plus

    Denafrips announces a successor to their prior Terminator flagship, Terminator Plus. "The TERMINATOR-PLUS Digital Processing Board and R-2R ladder network arrays are completely isolated. The two boards are physically linked by the OCXO module. The physical isolation yields even lowered...
  9. smodtactical

    Magico announces new M9 flagship

    Hayward, CA, June 2020 – A summation of our no-holds-barred assault on the limits of dynamic loudspeaker design, the new Magico M9 establishes new benchmarks in musicality, transparency and fidelity. This four-way, six-driver floor standing system features the world’s first loudspeaker enclosure...
  10. smodtactical

    New Denafrips products

    Denafrips is hard at work cranking out new products which include the Avatar CD transport, Athena flagship preamp and Thallo stereo poweramp. Avatar: Technical Highlights Proprietary FPGA DSP Processing Architecture FIFO Buffer and Reclock with Internal Crystal FEMTO Crystal...
  11. smodtactical

    MSB announces S202 Stereo amplifier

    "After the astounding success and performance of the S500 Stereo Amplifier, we set our sights on expanding that sound to more systems. Trickle-down technologies incorporated into a more compact, lower-power framework resulted in the S202. It’s capable of meeting our DAC’s ultra high dynamic...
  12. smodtactical

    Magico announces new driver design

    Magico has release a short video highlighting a new driver design using an aluminum honeycomb layer. Check it out: There is speculation that this may be a part of an upcoming magic of m series flagship tba next year.
  13. smodtactical

    Pre-Amp recommendation thread (organized by price tiers)

    Please feel free to recommend pre-amps and if possible say a few words of what you liked about them. Will slot it into this list. [<$500] [$500-$1,000] [$1000-5000] [$5000-$10,000] [$10,000-$20,000] [$20,000-$50,000] [>$50,000]
  14. smodtactical

    Amp Recommendation thread (organized by price tiers)

    Please feel free to recommend Speaker Amps and if possible say a few words of what you liked about them. Will slot it into this list. [<$500] [$500-$1,000] Schiit Aegir (Robdrasil650) [$1000-5000] [$5000-$10,000] [$10,000-$20,000] [$20,000-$50,000] [>$50,000]
  15. smodtactical

    DAC Recommendation thread (organized by price tiers)

    Please feel free to recommend DACs and if possible say a few words of what you liked about them. Will slot it into this list. [<$500] [$500-$1,000] [$1000-5000] Schiit Yggdrasil (Robdrasil650, Josh Mo) Denafrips Terminator (Smodtactical) [$5000-$10,000] [$10,000-$20,000] Bricasti M1SE...
  16. smodtactical

    Member audio chains

    Audiophool: Speakers: PC - Topping DX3 Pro Ldac - Presonus Eris 3.5 Headphone: PC - Topping DX3 Pro - Senn HD 6Xx IEM - Sony WM1A - Electro Acousti 8 core 4.4 2pin - Hidition Viento On the go - OnePlus 6T - E1DA 9038s - Tin T4 or just Samsung buds on BT from phone. Baseonmars: Headphones: ZMF...
  17. smodtactical

    Raal impression video from SV member 'Bloom'

    Please find an impressions video of the Raal Sr1a ribbon headphones from Andrew DiMarcangelo of Bloom audio. His site is linked here: Bloom Audio
  18. smodtactical

    Denafrips announces new DDC, Iris and Gaia

    Denafrips based in China in partnership with Vinshine Audio out of Singapore has announced 2 new digital to digital converters. The entry level Iris and flagship Gaia. More details and links below: The Iris is approx: $472 USD and features: Technical Highlights Proprietary FPGA DSP...
  19. smodtactical

    Rockna wavedream balanced signature vs Denafrips Terminator (with v3 dsp board)

    Please find this high end DAC head to head done by SV member Xecuter over here: Rockna Wavedream vs Denafrips Terminator
  20. smodtactical

    Interview with Parker Litchfield (Senior Engineer at Soundsmith)

    We are extremely lucky to have a very smart audio engineer in our discord community! His name is Parker and he has graciously agreed to do an interview. Hopefully we can make this a bit of regular feature so we can tap into his deep knowledge. When did you first get into audio? What were your...
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