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  1. verdantaudio

    Thoughts on KR P-135 Preamp

    I know it isn’t the newest preamp on the market, but I recently became aware of how novel this unit is. A customer reached out looking for info on this and an Art Audio preamp. The thing that is so cool is that it is built around a 45 tube. Has anyone heard this unit. I am thinking about...
  2. verdantaudio

    What is your favorite tube type?

    With so many tubes that do different things and have different sound profiles, what is your favorite? EL34s wonderful PRaT, KT88/6550s smooth and dimensional sound, lush mids of a 300B, detail of a 2A3 or the huge soundstage of an 845? I am curious which is your favorite. What do you like...
  3. verdantaudio

    Capital Audiofest - Room 525

    Come see us in room 525 at Capital Audiofest where we will be showing the Blackthorn 1 speakers along with amps and preamps from Art Audio and our partner Kimber Kable.
  4. verdantaudio

    Thanks for the invite

    I am the founder and speaker designer at Verdant Audio and importer for Art Audio. I am retailing a variety of products to meet multiple needs including a broad line of Tubes. I was a 25 year audiophile who has increasingly become more involved in this hobby when I entered the business...
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