Equipment Impressions

Michi X3 Reference Integrated Stereo Amplifier, is it the best HiFi integrated Amp for the money?

Sonus faber OMNIA wireless speaker impressions

Audio Research I 50 Integrated Tube Amplifier's new DC1 DAC Card is here!

NYC 2023 impressions from SV member Makiah!

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"Between the STAX SR-X9000 and Hifiman Shangri-La Electrostatic headphones, I lacked nothing. Grand Cayman added heft, power, and a life-like weight to the Shangri-La, unlike anything I've heard previously. With Grand Cayman, I finally found the Shangri-La's massive, detailed, and beautifully layered presentation firmly planted in reality. To get things started, I dove head first into some Eva Cassidy. What I love about "Oh, Had I a Golden Thread" is how much of the room acoustics within Blues Alley is preserved within the recording. Most systems I've demoed Shangri-La with struggle to balance the immediacy of Eva's powerful voice and the band alongside the nuance and depth of the space she's performing within. I either got a well-layered presentation with a slightly thin tone or a full-bodied sound with some slight...

Spirit Torino Made of Sound Headphones First Look; Super Leggera, Titano, Radiante, and Mistral Pro!

DCA Expanse Flagship Headphones First Look; the greatest Dan Clark Headphones ever made?

Can Jam Socal 2022 Impressions by Flux of Den-fi

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"One of the big releases of CanJam SoCal this year was the Expanse, a new open-back planar magnetic headphone from Dan Clark Audio (DCA). I want to disclose I have owned a handful of previous Dan Clark headphone releases, ranging from the original Aeon closed to the more recent Ether 2. The Expanse to me sounds like it has FR lineage to the Ether Flow Open 1.1, but with less claustrophobia going on in the mids. Compared to the headphones and gear options available throughout the show next to the Expanse, I felt the DCA lacked any kind of wow factor. "

Audeze MM 500 Headphones vs Audeze LCD X 2021

DCA ETHER 2 Planar Magnetic Open Back Flagship Headphones First Look

Sennheiser IE 900 Flagship In-Ears First Look Presented by TSAV

Tyler's thoughts on THIEAUDIO Monach MKII

Audeze LCD-2 Closed vs. the DCA Aeon 2 Noire Closed-back headphones!

LCD2 Closed back impression by TSAV

ARC I50 Integrated Tube Amplifier and REL Stereo T9x Subwoofers Sound DEMO

Clarus Cables and Power Conditioners Presented by TSAV

Marantz 40n Integrated Amplifier Sound Demo, vs Marantz Model 30 integrated Amplifier TSAV

CanJam NYC 2022 show impressions by Flux

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"Firstly, hello! I like to go by the name of “Flux” online, and without getting too long-winded in my introduction, I bring to you the first of many reviews I look to post on AAC.

This is my second time visiting New York for a CanJam (NYC 2020), although this most recent visit was primarily to visit with friends and colleagues instead of studying every single booth on the Marriott Marquis show floor. "

Tyler discusses ZMF Atrium

LCD5 TSAV impressions

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Happy Sunday friends! We have my impressions video on the LCD-5 Premiering today at 9 am PST.
I will share my impressions of the Flagship Planar Magnetic Audeze LCD-5. This video will focus on the build quality, design, and some of my sound impressions about the LCD-5. I purchased the LCD-5 last year when it was first released after hearing it at Can Jam, so I have had plenty of time to formulate my long-term impressions about the LCD-5 paired up with several amplifiers, as well as I have already made some sound and build quality comparisons to a couple of other flagship planar magnetic headphones in the same price range such as the DCA Stealth and most recently the Meze Elite videos which will be linked at the end of the LCD-5 Video. I hope you enjoy this video and have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

Topping D90SE impressions by Tyler

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